Whats Wrong with this Picture

by professor ggrib

  • On Friday October 2, the Lake Erie Monsters played the Buffalo Sabers. The Monsters, won 6-4. [recall the LEM callups for that game, it was a LEM team.
  • On Monday October 12, the Blue Jackets Played the Buffalo Sabers, who do not have their starting goaltender, loosing  2-4.
    •    With less than 1 minute to go, the Jackets had a total of 21 SOG against the back up goaltender and had pulled their  goaltender. [As I recall the Monsters had 17 SOG in the first period]
    •    The Jackets played 25% of the game shorthanded, due mostly to dumb penalties.
    •    Buffalo out played the Jackets for approximately 45 of the 60 minutes.

Am I pissed…….. YES

Todd Richards has said the problems are fixable, but the players must not have gotten that memo. They did reduce their own zone turnovers, but most of the passes in the neutral zone were an adventure with few finding the intended tape. “Out of Sync” would be the theme of the day. In fact that’s true of their passes all over the ice.

I still believe, but that’s why I am more than a bit upset!!!

Hopefully the light will dawn Wed when they play Montreal. We need to start the season.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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