Jackets 0 – 2 Against the Best

by professor ggrib

Friday and Saturday the Jackets were beaten by the best of the NHL. And the New York Rangers are not bad too. But the best in the NHL right now is SIR Henry Lundqvist. For my money, the Jackets should have and would have won both games against any mortal goaltender, but Sir Henry is on fire right now.

Goaltenders get hot and they get cold, but right now Henry is on top of his game. You may argue that the Rangers outscored the Blue Jackets, but without the brick wall called Henry, it’s a whole different game. The bloom may be off the roses and the rose tinted glasses are gone, but the Blue Jackets played well enough to win, and they didn’t all due to “THE WALL”.

Fear not, there are wins a coming. but playing 2 in a row against a hot goaltender is brutal. Yes, I know he gave up 2 goals in each game, [as well as his game 1 against the Blackhawks] but he is hot and it frustrated the players not to get shots past him. Frustrations leads to mistakes… and……

So, put your big boy pants on and hold on, it’s going to be a long season yet, so enjoy the hockey!

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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