What a difference A “_ _ _ _ _ Makes

Your choice, fill in the blanks. is it the coach, is it the players, is it the system, is it the farm club, is it the maturation of young players….etc…etc…

The Jackets are a team like has never been seen on the ice in Columbus. [Unless you consider opposing clubs] Who would have thunk it, that after a ” record setting” win streak, and even a few rough spots following, they would still be in the thick of playoff contention.

My thought is that is the coach, his expectations, his system and his communication with the players. But that would be giving all the credit to Torts, and that ain’t quite so. rather, I suspect that Torts is a catalyst, The right man at the right time. Bringing all the aforementioned factors together and BINGO— the old fashioned synergism is happening.

But, long suffering CBJ fans, have we ever seen play like we are seeing now?. How many years have we seen the Jackets loose the puck in the offensive end and simply skate back to their “D” zone? That’s not the way we play today. Pucks are contested,  many time with good++ results. And how about “defending the goalie”? Something we saw brief flashes of in the past, now it is a religion. And attacking with entry into the offensive zone… it’s just as likely to be a “D” man as a forward. [not unusual to see 2 D men leading the rush.] The power play used to be mostly sniping from the outside, now, that’s just one arrow in the quiver.

The team definitely believe they are the embodiment of the little engine that could. No mater what game, what team they are playing or the situation, they KNOW they can do it,  and you know what, I thing the fans are getting that feeling too.

Stanly Cup

We Want the Cup

We want the cup




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