And as we wind down

by professor ggrib

Now that the 2/29 madness has passed us by, just a few thoughts on ……………well stuff

Now that Tortorella has settled in, he has impressed. He may have an NHL “history” but he seems to be a fine tell it like it is coach. Seems like a great hire for a long term coach. In case you are wondering or pondering, the CBJ seem to have not had a long term coach or long term direction or long term management. Let’s hope all three are here to stay for some time and settle down the CBJ so the “we want the cup” is not just an empty dream.

The 4th line remains a desolate space. J Boll’s return Monday brought his hockey skills to the forefront. He fought, he skated [behind the speed of the opposition] and he mishandled his usual number of passes and shot attempts. So it’s pretty easy to see why he has become one with the bench for the last 6 weeks. My take is to buy him out this summer, or find a spot in the organization to adsorb hum and let him retire. But Gregory Campbell has shown little and David Clarkston has earned 2 merit badges for hospitalization. As long as you are getting little from the line, expose some of the youngsters fro Cleveland to a little NHL experience.

Someone tweeted the CBJ have more 20 goal scorers than any other team. However we are still the 5th worst team in the NHL by record and have scored approximately 30 goals less the the opposition year to date.

Love to see competitive games. I’m  OK with not winning while doing it as we do want to draft as high as possible. But being competitive has brought some pride on the the ice for the Jackets plus very entertaining hockey.

After Anton Forsberg went back to Cleveland, he has not regained the #1 goaltender status. So did sitting on the NHL bench hurt him, or was he trending down before that. We’ll have to see if he recovers.

Starting at the bottom Brick - by - Brick

Starting at the bottom
Brick – by – Brick

Homework or Summer school……… Obtain/figure out a 4th line that packs energy AND a punch. And another set of D men that is consistent.


We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup




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