A “Feel Good” Victory

by professor ggrib

Last nite the CBJ played the Avs and won 2-1. Young Mr Korpisalo [ Korpi] has another fine game. In fact he’s come close to shutouts both of his last 2 games. {note I am aware that almost is not what happens to NHL goaltenders} But it was a game in which I just had to feel good as it went along. The good feeling of course came from some pretty decent play most of the game by the Blue Jackets but also because I had the feeling the goaltender was on his game and had the game under control.

So least you think I am the victim of warm fuzzies, The boys in blue did not get enough shots on goal. In fact by a damn bunch they didn’t. Maybe they should get a sticker inside their visors, “Shoot”.

Had to smile at one point: On the ice were Jones/Murray on D; and Anderson/Rychel /Karlsson  as forwards…..Talk about a young team!

As noticed by many, Seith Jones and Ryan Murray seem to be growing together and to the betterment of both and the team. Both will shoot and both can pass. A lot of teams are going to regret the Jones trade to the Jackets. [and Joey appears to have started well in Nashville, good for him] To be honest, the Jackets seem to miss Joey on the power play, but I suspect Torts will figure that out after a bit. He is a big presence to loose on the PP.

While winning is not exactly conducive to the proponents of tanking for Mathews I still like to win. A 20 % chance for the #1 pick is not worth Tanking.

We want the cup

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup



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