Shoot Dammit

by professor ggrib

Well, last nite against Tampa, the Blue Jackets lost another game. Another game they should have won. First a turnover for a wide open shot from blank point range, and then a shortie that was all too uncontested. Then although we scored one goal, we proceeded to pass, declining to shoot, pass, declining to shoot, pass, declining to shoot…….etc. How many times have we seen a player declining to shoot and then passing to a teammate but it’s intercepted on the way? Oh, don’t get me wrong, we did shoot, mostly from way outside, mostly not getting to the net. And you know what, those don’t count as shots. And neither do shots that don’t get to the goaltender for any other reason.

Ben Bishop played well, played excellent as a matter of fact. But we had too many chances lost by too many  passes. And when we did shoot, we just couldn’t hit the wide open net. We shoulda won…we shooda won……

Korpisalo, our rookie goaltender, playing his first NHL game deserved a shut out win. Instead he got a loss, as did the team—as did we fans. And, truth be known, we’ve lost another season. True, we see exciting hockey, and a few years ago that’s all we asked for. Now, we’ve raised the expectation bar and we want winning hockey. We aren’t getting it but hopefully we’ll get there.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup



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