The Year of Lost Opportunity

by professor ggrib

The Chinese have a calendar and it  has a  name for each year, …The year of the Ram, Goat, Etc.. The Blue Jackets seem to their own calendar and have entered a year which appears to be named the year of lost opportunity. Watching Brandon Saad miss the wide open net last nite, [and it was so wide open, Jeff Rimer called it and my mind registered it as a goal] the many missed opportunities of the Montreal game as well as other games painfully came back to me, bringing home the MANY opportunities lost.

Now, Brandon Saad has virtually disappeared from the offensive landscape after getting a goal vs the Penguins about 2 weeks ago and could almost be considered a leader in the lost opportunity parade. But there are plenty of contenders for this position, Jack Johnson has had recent notable misses, as well as Atkinson, Foleigno [despite his goal last nite] Calvert, Johansen….the list goes through the whole team.

Why the plague of missed opportunity wide open shots? In the hockey world, it’s sometimes called “puck luck”. But in the real world, the adage, “you make your own luck” is most true. What’s missing is team confidence. Right now, they just know they are going to fail and as in all self fulfilling prophesies, they do. Until they get their confidence back, they will continue making their own luck and it’s bad luck.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup



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