Everything but Win

by professor ggrib

Last nite the Blue Jackets out shot and mostly outplayed the Cunucks. But the result was another loss. With 45 SOG mostly of good quality, you would think the Jackets would win, but no so my friend. Why is the question. You can get a lot of Columbus answers, but below is an excerpt from the AP report.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) Putting Jannik Hansen on the top line with Daniel and Henrik Sedin worked out well for the Vancouver Canucks.

That line picked the Columbus defense apart, getting behind them and finding open seams in high-chance scoring areas all night

From an outsider viewpoint, the answer is condensed into one sentence. “picked the defense apart, finding open seams….all night”

As I watched the 2nd period, and the Jackets were getting their 22 shots on goal I thought how can we loose. But the foretelling might have been when those 22 shots netted no points.

During the 3rd period, the feeling came that the Blue Jackets had shot their wad, and were just not overwhelming the visitors. The results of the period showed this. True, Cam had the short handed single effort, but the pace of the 2nd period with no results just seemed to take the wind out of their sails. The end  results were not as hoped for, but at that point not totally unexpected.

And If they were not unexpected to me, I’m thinking it was also in the players psyche too.

Still to the outside observer, the Jackets didn’t play defense. And that is not all laid on the 6 “D” men.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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