The Thursday Nite Fights

by professor ggrib

When the puck dropped last night against the LA Kings, it seemed liked the gloves dropped too. The entire game was filled with scrums, hard hits and “roughing” as well as actual fights. This entire year has been a fight for the Jackets. [with a couple of game exceptions] Last nite, the struggle continued. including one amazing record.

If I told you that the Jackets would go an entire period without registering a shot, you would assume they had gotten their clocks cleaned. But last nite, after getting 8 SOG the first period, they entered the 2nd with a 2-1 lead. They registered NO- “0” -NONE shots the entire 2nd period and left the period still leading 2-1. The flow of the game contributed to this weird statistic. There was none. The entire period was a jumble of fights, roughing, penalties, and hits. In the middle of all this there was BOB.

Actually there was more than Bob, there was a TEAM EFFORT. In the King’s building, with a hostile crowd,  the team played like a cohesive unit. Yes there were mistakes, there will always be mistakes, but it was a game this year’s Jackets can be proud of. It could well be a landmark game for the team, but that will be determined by the remainder of the season.

I think this team is still finding it’s way. Players are still getting settled. There’s been talk that Brandon Saad is coming to life. I think it’s more that he is learning to play without the supporting cast of the Blackhawks stars he had always played with. He’s a bit of a fledgling player in this new roll. Ryan Murry is finding his instincts after missing most of last year. And then there’s “Wild Bill” Karlsson. Watching him has been the joy of CBJ fans so far this year. He’s starting to open up, his “one timer” near the end of the game was without hesitation, he got his first CBJ point last nite. [humorously he had made the pass and left the ice on a line change by the time the goal was scored, so he was not actually on the ice at the time of the assist credit]

Great game.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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