Jackets Drain Shark Tank

by professor ggrib

Playing the Sharks has been a rewarding experience of late, and the Jackets showed they have the ability to put it together and win. In recent times, the Jackets have fared well against SJ and last night was no exception. Whether it’s Joey, [#19] playing against his childhood idle [Joe Thorton #19] or  it’s just SJ is the lesser of the 3 California evils, I have no idea, but  a good game last nite. Actually is was a lot more than good, it was their best game of the year.

There were still some flaws, still not hitting on all cylinders, but a GOOD, good game. It was so good in fact, that I had no problem in staying up and staying awake. Per the players, it was a lot of “keeping it simple” stuff. To my eye, the biggest change was the play behind the net. They not only went behind the net, they did something with the puck from there.

The Johansen no look pass to Ryan Murrey from behind the net was probably a bit of luck, but —-as  they say, as they say, as they say: “you make your own luck”. The fact that it was 29 seconds after the Jenner goal must have given the whole Blue Jacket team a shot in the arm. They certainly know the feeling of goals coming -bang-bang. And to cap the euphoria feeling off, it was right at the end of the 2nd period. [ they got to savor the feeling ].

The game Thursday against the Kings will be a strong litmus test for the team and the year. The Kings are a good team. They are tough to play against, particularly in their barn. The warm fuzzies are still with the Jackets, giving them a boost. This game  will not be just if they win/loose, it will be how they play the game that will be the litmus test.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup



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