A bad taste in my mouth: a bird, a plane, no, it’s a yo-yo

By professor ggrib

Saturday’s game against the Jets, left a bad taste in my mouth. Mostly because I care. I can’t imagine how bad the players feel, but maybe fans hurt just as bad, because we’re bystanders, not participants. It wasn’t the worst game of the year, that’s reserved for the no show at Buffalo. It wasn’t as bad as the Toronto game where almost every pass bounced off a stick. It was hard played, It seemed every payer was engaged. But maybe that’s the key, it was every player, not “The Team”.

OSU football fans know if an opposing team starts and are moving the ball against them, the asst coaches make changes and usually the problem is stopped. The CBJ just don’t seem to make adjustments and the game continues to not go in the CBJ way. Is this an asst coach issue?

There is talk of trades, many names, a lot about Johansen. On paper, we have a potent lineup. Do we want to change? We have a 4th line that is pretty non existent. Clarkston, Borque, Campbell and the ever present Boll [who had 4:22 of ice time] have contributed nothing. So in essence we have 3 lines to roll. But we knew that coming into the season.

Bob’s play has been like a yo-yo. He is supposed to be the backbone of the Jackets. — nuff said

Actually the defense has played the same way, like a yo-yo.

And actually I guess the same can be said for the offense. Like a yo-yo.

Probably what is needed most is to get on the same page. To do that means to go back to basics and simplify and play straight ahead hockey until the cohesiveness flows.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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