General Sturgis was right on, “Not Worth a Pinch of Owl _ _ _ _ “

by professor ggrib

Rather a strange headline, true, but it comes straight out of the Civil War via the quotation by General Samuel D Sturgis.� And true, the General used the word dung, whereas currently the phrase is most often associated with the more modern 4 letter word. But enough digression, the question is, “What is not worth a pinch of owl ….?

As you well know, we have finally arrived at a point of the summer where Hockey is starting to ramp up. A traditional precursor to the season is the predictions of “the off ice experts” as to how teams will compete. Most good predictors, predict solid results with a  few qualifiers. Like the weatherman, “No rain today, but you might want to take your umbrella just in case of that possible thunderstorm might develop” type of thing.

Fans have no interest in predictions that are gloomy or less positive then the  previous year, so taking qualifiers in hand, the predictions particularly the media based ones come flowing out, giving hope to even the most downtrodden. Bloggers are more realistic and their predictions although usually biased contain a bit more realism. Of course there are the ones with axes to grind and I told you so’s, but in total a lot more realistic.

So have fun with the current predictions, and enjoy them

But in total, the predictions you hear in the next few weeks are just not worth a pinch of owl dung.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup




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