Wow- No boring Summer this Week

by professor ggrib

Cutting right to the bottom line—Jarmo gets an “A” on paper this week. No if, ands,  buts… He gets an “A”. When evaluating players, fit chemistry etc, you never exactly know, but it appears  the Blue Jackets have done very well. Sure, the got a BIG name Chicago player who is young energized and knows how to win. And yes they gave up 2 good players and 2 others, but digging a little deeper….

In the draft, the Blue Jackets were not able to get a NHL or nearly so defenseman. So they got a very high potential 17 year old who is not ready for the big show. So, in the “big trade” we got a college graduate, Pallotta, a 22 year old who has 1 pro hockey game… But it’s with the NHL Blackhawks. While it is not that uncommon for players leaving college to play a game of Pro Hockey at even a AHL level, having that 1 game availability be at the NHL level tells me something and obviously Jarmo sees it too. The CBJ got the high level nearly NHL defensemen and now Zack Werenski will have no pressure on him. He turns 18 this summer, he can return to Michigan for this next year and then see where his progress has taken him. HUGE grade “A”. I’m not sure why nobody else is jumping up and down on the upside of this part of the deal.

Biggest loss I see is that Arty was a tremendous PK player. If Letestu [also a great PK player] goes as a FA, then there is a big hole in the PK. Loosing Marko Dano, could hurt long time, we don’t really know how got he will be. The CBJ already have 1 mighty mite in Cam Atkinson and even Matt Calvert is pretty small. Dano is pretty diminutive.

The other neat draft pick was Paul Bittner who dropped and the Jackets were able to get him at #38. He is too young to play AHL this year, so he probably returns to the Portland Redhawks. Even so, we got a guy with a lot of potential and stll a chance to improve before hitting the pros.

Staying tuned, it’s FA day.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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