Tick- And After the Draft

by professor ggrib

At #8 on the draft pecking order, the Blue Jackets managed to generate some excitement with rumors of trying to move up to #3 and a little bit of trade rumor and yet it really didn’t happen. Based on the drafts that were obtained, it looks like nothing is probable for the coming season. And actually it is a lot of project and development work.  So should we be excited? Well, yea, we are still on a brick by brick program. And BTW, I am a bit excited about the latest Portland Winterhawk, Paul Bittner, a big left winger.  He was a little unexpected to be available so perhaps a shiny brick. Could be nice if he gets to be paired with this years Winterhawk teammate O Bjorkstrand at Cleveland. Could be good for both of them and the Monsters as well.

Certainly the Jackets can play with the defensemen we now have, but we were all hoping for a bit of an upgrade. Perhaps that will still come this summer, so we need to wait and see. [It was comforting to see that Mike Riley chose the Minnesota Wild to sign with as there is some logic to that choice as it is close to home and his father is a minority owner.]

And Calvert and Letestu remain unsigned. Calvert is a RFA, so it would appear it is just a matter of time. But it appears Letestu may be on his way out. I hate to see it, but he is an UFA. If he does go, I think we will miss him, but the opportunity door will be open, you never know who will step through. They might have someone in mind that is on the roster for the 4th line center and PK. Chaput has shown he can do the job but he’s not as fast as Letestu. [Mostly he has had J Boll on his line, so he hasn’t had much of a chance.] And that is another player that concerns be, but maybe at another post. I’ve already made my point on Mr Boll.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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