Tick – Another week gone by–a bit of action on the horizon

by professor ggrib

Another week, the Stanley Cup winner is approaching and there is a little Blue Jacket action on the horizon in the Draft and Free Agent activity. The Dark Blue Jacket had a summer post, a few days ago and reminded us of a little thing, David Clarkson appeared on the roster last year. Dark Blue Jacket check out the post.

Clarkson is easy to forget as he basically had a 3 game cup of coffee with the Jackets before going on IR. At 31 years old and with a reported Gritty attitude, he will be a wild card to the Blue Jackets. We’re told it was basically a money manipulation deal, both teams dumping. But then the spin doctors portrayed a tremendous potential upside for the Jackets.  The key word here is potential . And frankly I’m pretty skittish about such “potential” reports.

I remember a Scott Howson set of deals where he traded for “veteran leadership”  players to bring skill and leadership to the room.  One of these deals was the 2009-2010 trade of Jason Chimara for Captain Chris Clark  of the Washington Capitals proven leader and had skills. Little did we know what “had” meant. Chris soon became part of the staff after failing to do much of anything on the ice.  And as seen in the playoffs, Chimara is still a key player for the Capitals. – [I guess Blue Jacket fans tend to have long memories where we got burned, SORRY]

But coming up is the draft, the answer to the Mike Riley question and then the free agents frenzy. Of course the 2 free agents of interest to the Jacket fans are Matt Calvert and Mark Letestu. Will they be resigned? And perhaps even an answer to the J Boll issue. We’ve seen he has outlived this function with the CBJ. Could he be traded? Or bought out? or retired to a desk job?

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup



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