Tick — Another Step towards Next Season has been taken

By professor ggrib

The Stanley Cup finalists have been determined,  it’s Tampa Bay vs Chicago. Happens to by my picks, but it’s only from a casual fan standpoint. Still should be interesting. It will be the experienced Hawks vs the go getter kids from Florida. My opinion is TB has the better Goalie, but Hawks have the experience. Pretty even – Hawks in 7.

At Columbus, the bottom the the “D” corps has been resigned. Suspect that means Mike Riley is not a likelihood. Way too bad.

Nothing else on resignings. I think we all are waiting on Calvert and Letestu. But both are very marketable, so from their standpoint they can wait for the market to open up and see what they are worth. And of course, there is the back up goalie to consider.

The Jackets did sigh Fin Markus Hannikainen  to a entry contract. There have been several players from Scandinavia making good in the NHL lately. I hope Markus doesn’t take his puck and go home if he doesn’t have instant success on the small ice.  I think Dano and Wenburg are examples of the time it takes to learn small ice and NHL hockey.

The teams in the NHL conference finals all have good goaltenders. A lot of the wins are directly contributed to the players in front of the goaltenders. You can see how important team defense is. PLEASE TAKE NOTE -Blue Jackets

Speaking of Defense, The Blues resigned Hitchcock to a one year contract. Not much confidence there.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup



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