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Nick Foligno @ Front Street Friday 5/17/13

Nick Foligno @ Front Street Friday 5/17/13

by professor ggrib

Ok, the Blue Jackets actually generated news by naming the long awaited [and long expected] Captain as Nick Foleigno. Making his Ad Hock Captains performance official. I know Nick had a career year, but aside from that, he has acted every bit the Captain for some time. I guess we have to thank Scott Howson again for another great acquisition.

If you are keeping an eye on the playoffs, you will note that to date one of the lesser performing ex Jackets is Rick Nash. { And are you surprised??? – NOT}

Although as we move through the playoffs, we are seeing a lot of strengths and some weaknesses by the various clubs. One rather[ Blue Jackets fans have this sore spot] obvious is the 4th line. It is necessary to have a talented 4th line. — Puck possession, aggressive, and scoring potential. Ya don’t have it, forget it.

The Blue Jackets MUST come out of camp with a talented 4th line. This is no place to hide an old has been “enforcer”. No place for  lead feet. Speed and puck handling are now essential for a 4th line.

A good part of the grade  for management will depend on how they accomplish this. And failing to do so gives an “F”. Which will probably mean failure.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup





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