Tick– Woody Hayes was right

by professor ggrib

In a time long ago and a place not so far away the legend of Ohio State made a reference that sticks in the minds of all Columbusians. He referred to  “that team up north” and mostly in a derogatory manner. That stigmatism  just naturally [for me] falls over to all  teams “up north”, the Tigers, Pistons, Lions and of course the Red Wings. So it was with no remorse that I watched the Lightning zap the Wings and knock them out of the playoffs.

After watching the Pens/Rangers series as kinda a Hate/hate fan perspective, and I’m not sure which teams gets the capital “H” but at least I could root for the “Bolts” and feel good about —“that team from up north goes down”

But round #1 of the cup finals is over, another tick on the summer clock.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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