And So It Begins……….

by professor ggrib

It Begins?????? What begins?? The season is over….. But yes friend, the looooong summer now begins.  Jackets fans are used to the long summers of no playoffs etc. —

But suddenly the long summer doesn’t seem quite so long with the closing resurgent finish of the Jackets. If the real Blue Jackets stepped up to close the season, there is a lot to look forward to. BUT there is a lot of things going to be happening between now and next years puck drop. And most of these things are not player directed.

First is the parting or departing of the players with their exits. BIG decisions by management.

To fans and bloggers, it’s easy. EXAMPLE— But a fan’s wants for example of  “let’s sign Letestu for 2 years and by that time the kids will be ready and Letestu will be old.” May not match with Letestu, who wants a minimum 3 years. Would 3 years crimp the development and path of CBJ success or insure it?  Also, Calvert and Anisimov  add much to the team, and to special teams. –Fans, we need to keep them. But again, long term-short term, insure success/ crimp development.

To fans it’s obvious that J Boll cannot play hockey as the Jackets now need. But he has a contract. So? Keep him and let him grind away, he’s a good o’boy with service. or Buy out his contract. Or How about finding a off ice job for him.

And how about the other “sorta bit” players who are on the CBJ roster… keep/send down to get more skills/ trade???

Back up goaltender….. The puerperal question this time of the year. Youth development vs  knowing what you got???? I personally think our youth is a year away, but I’m not an ex-goaltender.

The vaunted defensive strength. Do we still have it. Could it be better? Should it be better? Springfield’s defense seems a bit light. Will the “ex Minnesota” all star defenseman  Riley sign with the CBJ? Should we trade some forwards for more “D”


And all these simple questions affect the next step in the summer’s activities, – The Draft

Big management questions all need answers, all hopefully will be more right than wrong. That’s why the big bucks float around at the top.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup





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