March Madness Jacket Style while—Rollin, Rollin, Rollin

by professor ggrib

The Blue Jackets seem to have developed their own brand of March Madness. It’s called winning—streaking–clutch–whatever. But it is exciting.

In the strike shortened season 2 years ago, the Jackets almost made the playoffs thanks to their first post John Davidson March Madness run. That year it was 10-2-4 or 75% of the available March points. Last year when they did make the playoffs, it was 9-5-1 or a measly 63% of the available points. and in 2015– 11-5-0 for 73% of the available points.

Putting that in prospective, if a team played at the lowly 63 percent rate for the year, it would be 103 points for the year. If they played at a 75% rate it is a whopping 123 points.

This year, the playoffs aren’t going to happen, but the Blue Jackets are certainly going to “leave em wanting more”

For the first time this year, last nite we got to see a 4th line with 3 forwards that were skilled and the difference showed. The 4th line was rollin. They came out when a 4th line should and did what a Blue Jacket 4th line should do. No, they didn’t score. They could if left to play a few more games. The skill presence was immediately noticeable…… How sweet it was.

The Blue Jackets have some serious decisions to make this summer relative to a 4th line. Letestu is a free agent and Boll’s contract continues. —-Serious, serious, serious contention decisions.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup



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