In 25 Words or Less

by professor ggrib

Last nites game against Chicago brought out a couple of comments that are pretty poignant.

The during the game interview with asst coach Craig Hartsburg he said ” when we skate, we’re a pretty good team.  Anyone who watches the Jackets regularly on TV knows that Hartsburg is very cryptic to say the least. It’s like every word is a pain to get rid of the annoying TV interviewer and get back to the game. But poignant or cryptic or whatever, it is a very precise description of the Blue Jackets.

Against Chicago, the Jackets were on their skates, and it showed. The first period was rather like an episode of “Walker- Texas Ranger” and the Kung Fu scenes.  —Wap…wosh..thud… etc.. But the Jackets gave tit for tat and then some…. Damn, good exciting hockey. And even though the scoring stopped [until the empty netter] it was still good fast moving hockey for the whole game.

As the announcers kept pointing out, Chicago was taking liberties in our goal crease. They always have. Detroit used to also, we cured that. But Chicago was a continual battle in front of our net. We need to figure out how to clear the area without the penalties, but we sure worked on it.

Tonight we play the SL Blues. This is always a tough physical game and it will the the back end of a 2 in 2. For those who believe we must give up a legitimate hockey player to have the J Boll thug on the ice, this will be interesting. Can the Jackets survive without our “fighter” on the bench? [Had to say on the bench, as he doesn’t get much ice time] If you don’t believe so, you’ve not been watching players like Hartnell, Dubinski, Prout, and even Tropp.

Another quote that surfaced came from Mike over at the Cannon. He said it’s not logical that the Blue Jackets can keep up this play. But then Hockey is not always a logical game. … Well said!

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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