Diving……….With Grace

by professor ggrib

There are many Blue Jackets fans that are scratching their heads right now about the seeming antics of Todd Richards and his lineup manipulations and the blue Jacket call ups. I am convinced there is some reason behind the apparent madness. It’s called “tryouts, preparation and planning for next year”.  AND it is providing playing dysfunction to aid in tanking for a higher draft choice…. with grace.

Random examples: [a] Boll on the ice for the opening puck drop-provides dysfunction and is a test to see if the has any upside to his game other than fighting. [b] Letestu who was one of the better PP players 2 years ago not having much PP time- Keep him on the hook for a less expensive contract and try out others to test their capability. [c] Mixing up proven lines- provides test for other players and prevents a cohesive flow minimizing the winning opportunity of scoring and winning…with grace.  [d] Pairing Lestesu with non effective players- again same as [b] above. [d] Bringing up surprising Springfield players and not Rychel or Bjorkstrand. – Don’t screw up the young cream of the crop, but get evaluations.

I think Richards has a set of instructions and the organization has a plan. We just don’t know it and understand why so many dumb moves are apparently being made.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup



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