Whats a Body to Do?

by professor ggrib

Basking in the euphoria of the win over the Flyers [again]  one can feel the team starting to come alive, the thinking is shifting from best draft to… m a y be….. a chance for the playoffs…. But wait, it’s “deja vu” all over again. The flame the eternal flame of hope is still flickering……..SNAP. — reality needs to set in.

Utilizing my predicted stats of Dec 31, the Jackets had played 35 games, had 35 points and the prediction was for the season end to have 77 points. Fast forwarding to last nite, the Jackets have played 55 games and have 53 points. BUT the prediction is still for 77 total points for the season. That’s 6 weeks later and still the same season result.

Again, the statistics do not take into consideration injuries, or players returning from injuries. Or players traded by the trade deadline.

I as a fan thoroughly enjoy watching the Jackets win. I love the Foleigno’s success since his daughter’s operation [that’s last year and this year as his improvement is not just this year]  But alas I know it would be better to lose and gain a better draft position. But dammit, I want to win. So what;s a body to do? Let’s see… win…or…loose…..win…loose?????

My self, I have avowed to enjoy good hockey, enjoy winning as much as we can and let the draft chips fall where they may. In case you haven’t noticed, there are more than a few great hockey players on the ice every night that were not first round picks. Let’s trust in the talent scouts and root for the Jackets!!

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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