Too good to be bad and too bad to be good

by professor ggrib

The headline sums up the Blue Jackets season so far. We win just enough to keep a flicker of hope going in the breast of the most hardy fans and at the same time are building the realization that this is a year it just “ain’t going to happen”

On Dec 18, my predicted stats showed the Blue Jackets would attain 73 points. As of the Jan 17 it’s again 73 points. The problem is, it’s a month later and 73 points is not, no way, no how going to get you into the playoffs.

That’s not saying you can’t play good hockey. That’s not saying you can’t be competitive, That’s just saying the proverbial “wait till next year” is more realistic.

So what’s an organization to do?……. BUILD……Longer term contracts, Draft choices, Young players. Get ready!!!

And that’s what the Jackets are doing. Looking for young talent. There are some decisions to make. Does Cam Atkinson  have a higher upside than Marko Dano? Both are young little spark plugs, Or Brian Gibbons, he’s 5’8″?  Can an NHL team afford to have so many “little” guys. How about Artim Anisimov, he’ll be 27 in May, should he be resigned? The 2015 draft appears to be pretty shallow, so stockpile 2016 draft choices? Choices, CHOices, CHOICES….

Bloggers don’t coach or aren’t GM’s. Frankly, these are tough jobs, that I couldn’t handle. I note that every blog site is befuddled how J Boll can play every game when offense is so desperately needed and every other player is expected to work hard and contribute, but then that’s something I guess will remain one of the mysteries of life.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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