Insanity? – Einstein would say so

by professor ggrib

Perhaps Einstein’s 2nd most famous output is the quote that the “definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome”. So let’s look at the Jackets current insanity.

The symptoms are: [1] not scoring much; [2] few shots on goal; [3] many shots attempted. Sounds like a Blue Jacket issue we have seen before, right and we are seeing it again. This time, it’s pretty obvious what is happening.

The Jackets are very comfortable shooting the puck from the blue line. They have a number of defense men that can bang it hard and have had success. And the theory is that if the shot doesn’t go past the goalie, it will rebound and a brother in arms can simply flip it past the out of position goaltender.   BUT— it ain’t happening Sally!!! and why? ?? Because teams are congesting the area in front of the goaltender like a forest with many trees. Shots are being blocked. If the puck does get to the goalie and there is a rebound there are so many opposing players there that a Blue Jacket can’t get to the puck. Result many blocked shots and few shots on goal.

The Jackets have scored 4 goals in the past 2 games. Jack Johnson’s goal from the blue line was the only long distance shot. The other 3, Johanson, Johansen, Foleigno were from close in to the net and were a part of playing, fake moves, passing etc like in working the puck. Let’s see,  that’s 1 of 4  goals made from the Jackets “go to” shot area….. Should mean something to somebody. And these 2 games were against goaltenders who the Blue Jackets needed to feed rubber to for success.

Just as in football, you need to pass to open up the run game and vice versa, the Jackets need to get back to a balanced game.

Of course the other bit of insanity is the composition of the 4th line. Jarrad Boll continues to start every game and contribute nothing. His offense and defense approach zer0. Corry Tropp shows speed and the ability to move the puck but brings little else. This is not an energy line, even with the addition of Mark Letestu who has speed AND skill.  What does Boll have on management that would force a coach to jeopardize his job to continue playing such a non performer? The line has been named, the white flag line and for good reason. Let’s get Letestu some help and turn this line into an offensive force.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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