The 2014 Train has left the Station

by professor ggrib

Last nite the 2014 train pulled out of the station and the 2015 train arrived to start taking passengers/cargo. As the 2014 train rolled away, we could see the door of the caboose being closed with a 3-1 victory over the Wild, closing the 2014 year of the 2014/15 season with 16 wins and 35 points. Way, way, way up to the front of the train we can just barely see the beginning, the Jackets entering the year of 2014 with just 17 wins and 38 points. Further down the train we can see the 2013/2014 season coming to an end with the Jackets achieving an astounding 42 wins, the cars fairly glowing with accomplishment.

Then there are the playoff cars. There are scars on these cars as people tried to climb on the train as the Jackets entered their 2nd ever playoff. Alas, there are just a few playoff cars. Then come the empty cars of the summer months Just a few, with only a few passengers.

Following these cars is a series of brand new freshly painted cars. Planned for a big event. But it is evident that these are hardly used. Strange as it may seem, there are many more cars following that are badly damaged and beat up. These cars mark the true start of the 2014/15 season. Several cars look like they can hardly move let alone roll along. But as we progress towards the rear of the train, the cars seem to get better. Not shiny and new but better. The last car before the caboose is Bright and shiny. It is painted and brightly lit. It is the “December to Remember” car. It is not new, but it is bright.

The 2014 train is pulled by a great engine called “Blue Jacket Hockey”. It’s an engine that Jacket fans have always admired. In the past we had much smaller engines called “workman like” or “blue collar” and other similar phrases, but now the Big engine seems to have arrived.

Fans are pleased by this engine.  Although sometimes it seems to get on the wrong track, it is powerful, and when running right pulls the train forward at a good speed. The 2015 engine appears to be a slightly upgraded model. Will it be better?

The 2015 train will start a bit behind where the 2014 train started, but maybe it can make up some time, as several good crew members appear to be coming to assist the engine and to get more speed out of her. Will the train go fast enough to get to the playoff station in time? We will see. But the wishes of many fans for many years was to have a train that would be pulled by a big engine and deliver the goods. It appears we finally have that engine.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup



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