Mild Mannered Clark Kent steps out with a bit of GNARLY

by professor ggrib

Yes Virginia beneath that mild mannered exterior, there is a bit of gnarly, and the ability to leap into the score sheet like a speeding bullet. And yes Virginia, it was a giddy experience.

It seems that this year, euphoria comes with tears attached as 2 right wingers went down and the Blue Jacket coaches played mix-um with players and lines the rest of the night. But tonight the good guys were not to be denied. The FOUR goals in the 2nd period are a team high this year and the result is a welcome relief to the OT and SO games  of December. But let us not forget the Jackets took a 1-5 shellacking from the Preds just one game ago, so being realistic, the total goals scored in the last 2 games were 7 for and 7 against, not so outstanding. But even so, a VERY welcome victory and 2 Eastern Conference points.

With one game remaining in our “December to remember” and one win needed to reach 500, could it be we will start the new year even with the board? Even with injury on top of injury on top of injury.

Stay tuned. With 2 players out of the game last night who will be stepping out of the phone booth?

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup




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