2 WWA’s and a D equal a WIN

by professor ggrib

The Jackets found a new formula for winning last night against the Blackhawks. Goals by waiver wire acquisitions Jack Skille and Kevin Connauton and a 9th round shoot out goal by the speedy slick deaken Jack MF Johnson combined to give the Jackets a victory. With Johansen and Foleigno the Jackets two most potent scorers under severe defensive pressure all night, it was up to the support staff to step up.

And step up they did. With Bob showing his All Star ++ form and stopping almost everything that came his way, the so called “secondary offense” arose and smit the mighty Blackhawks. In a way it was easy, just follow the textbook. Goal #1– Tyutin shoots, Johanson redirects to Skille and …goal. Goal #2– Connauton finds the spot on the ice where that guy, you know, #8 for Washington..ah whats his name… oh yea, Ovechkin had left a few goals as he didn’t score Thursday from “his spot”  and picks one up. And then the speedster J Johnson deakes one of the better goaltenders in the league and scores in the shootout.  All in all not a formula that any other team is going to buy, but it worked.

Seriously, emerging this year are 2 big time defensive forwards. Cam Atkinsen and Ryan Johansen are becoming huge defensive forwards. [well as much as Cam can become huge] PK and 5-5 situation, these 2 are/have stepped up their defensive game and are a part of why the Blue Jackets are winning despite the fact that both are in a goal drought.

The loss of Boone Jenner for 2 months is a huge loss. It’s beginning to look like the Jackets will not field their first team this year. [I know Horton is gone, so scratch him off and go from there] But there are people stepping up and the first team may just change a bit.

VOTE FOR BOB IN THE ALL STAR VOTING.. He is currently 9th and we need him to represent Columbus

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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