The team we want to see- is showing up

by professor ggrib

The winged red devils, the arch enemy– and the Streaking Blue Jackets who had won 6 in a row were facing them. The Wings had lost 3 in a row and were in their own barn….. all signs portending ill for the good guys.

But fans were treated to a HOCKEY game. You might call it an old fashioned hockey game. In a lot of respects is was like the Blue Jackets were playing their mirror image. Players did their jobs, goal tenders played superbly. It became obvious that in this shootout at the OK corral whoever blinked was going to die. And nobody blinked. But in the end, after playing stand off hockey for 65 minutes the good guys won. Getting 2 of 3 past J Howard, and victory #7 in a row was in the books.

But it was strange, after an initial shockwave where the Wings clearly overpowered the Jackets, it soon became a level playing field and then the Jackets appeared to have the upper hand and were skating downhill. This is contrary to Sat against the Pens, when it felt like we were skating uphill all nite. Tonite it just felt like the Blue Jackets had control. A tenuous control for sure, but the upper hand nevertheless.

It the past, the Redwings always seemed to camp in the blue of the paint. Last night not so much. Player changes or Jacket defense men whichever, but the crease area was kept fairly clear. [Watch the Blackhawks Saturday night, they already applied for a housing permit to live in the crease] But good job to the Jackets “D” corpse. And a great game from all.

Note: Sat nite  3 of 4 past Griss [penalty shot + 2 of 3 in shootout] and 2 of 3 past Howard…. That’s about unreal

All said, great game Jackets. Get some rest, the Capitals are coming to town and they will have an attitude!

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup



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