Predicted update— Following 3 wins—in a row

by professor ggrib

Yes my children, following the TB win and the third win in a row, I thought I should look at the predicted stats and see what a little success would do for them..Right now after 26 games the stats predict a total of 69 points. That’s right even following 3 wins.. Pretty sad.

BUT if I insert last season’s results. game by game, score by score the predicted will rise to 89 points. That’s a hell of a hot streak for the remainder of the season [but just like last year]  And 89 points might get you in, Or maybe not, but interesting.

Rumor is Dubinski is back Tuesday. he will be a steadying influence until he starts to contribute. So Just maybe…

But you will note, Bob has no shutouts so far. Yes it is an indication of his play but it is also an indication of the team in front of him. And yes it improved Sat. against the Lightning, But Thursday, he was like a duck in the shooting gallery against the Panthers. So many juicy turnovers right in front of him. No wonder he faced 55 shots..

I’m getting a bit tired of homer announcers. Thursday- Dalton Prout left several blatant turnovers as his gift to the Panthers right in front of our own net and we hear how he has improved his game and is playing with an edge. J Boll took the most lackadaisical pregame warmups I have ever seen,  but our announcers praise him for being on the ice. Oh well I just want to win.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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