Back to The Future–unfortunately

by professor ggrib

Unfortunately — if you were to step into the famousDeloren and go back into Blue Jackets history, say 5 yearsyou you see a Blue Jacket team playing exactly like we say last nite in Philly. In fact, playing like we have seen much of the year. And true, we have seen some good hockey, but in total much like the past. 5 years ago, we were in favor of trading our goaltender as he was giving up too many goals and “soft” goals at that… well???. 5 years ago Boll was having meaningless fights… well? 5 years ago we were passing like crap……well? 5 years ago our offense consisted of shooting from the blue line and hoping for a rebound but not being in position to get it…well?

There is no doubt we miss Letestu and Dubinski. But I am getting tired of a 4th line going out and playing 2 forwards and an skater against the opposition. Last year the 4th line was great… J Boll played 28 games last year most were in losses. Last night he had a shot on goal from the blue line, a fight, and free skated the rest of the little time he was on the ice. And friends, he is under contract for $1.75 MM through 2016-2017 seasons. We are automatically down a man when he is on the ice.

Times have changed some, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel, but maybe not this year. After playing one of the most el stinko games in franchise history Tue, John Davidson went on the PR trail and tried to do damage control via interview. 5 years ago, it was just accepted. So if the management cares, it is time to do something. My bet is that it will happen.

Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Its time to do things differently. Think out of the box. Use your head.

I am a big fan of the Blue Jackets. But they have lost most of Columbus and the “casual” fans and the hoopla of the All Star Game is for naught, The Jackets deserve what they are getting until they show us they can play like the rest of the NHL.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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