The Icon Returneth

By professor ggrib

The icon? Yes folks, it’s the Victory hug!! And it was a big one last night. I gotta say, Foleigno gave McElhinney an embrace after the  victory over the Flyers, but nothing like the Bob/Nick hug of last nite…. The iconic hug was BACK.

It’s interesting how the victory hug has evolved. First it was just something that happened, the TV cameras sometimes didn’t even show it. But now……it’s TV ‘s equivalent to the Kodiak moment  it’s tradition, it’s a celebration, it’s ICONIC.

Getting Bob back, even on the bench Friday is a big boost for the Jackets and fans. His very simple first save drew an ovation from the crowd Sat night. And in the end. Bob stole the game for the Blue Jackets. Without him, they would not have won. And that my friends is a fact. It is evident that he really has become a premier goaltender.

But it was also very evident what Anisimov means to the team. Winning face offs, PK, and just his skill in puck handling and passing. The quiet smoothness can almost go un-noticed. But his return also made a huge difference in the game.  And BTW he will be a free agent at the end of the year.

Speaking of upcoming free agents, we must talk about Nick Foleigno.

Nick Foligno @ Front Street Friday 5/17/13 - Now an important cog in the drive for the CBJ

Nick Foligno @ Front Street Friday 5/17/13 – Now an important cog in the drive for the CBJ

When Dubinski [who had become the unofficial team leader] went down with an injury the comments were, the room had to step up and provide the heart and soul, the energy the drive until he got back. It turned out that room was Nick Foleigno. Not only has he scored goals and added assists, but he has provided the leadership needed. Time for a new contract with him also.

Thanks Bob for stealing that one for us.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup



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