Not Just another Shovel of Dirt into the Grave

by professor ggrib

Ok, its 8 games in a row with a “L” behind them and we could still be counting. BUT, a good team/organization needs to learn from adversity and as the by line in the last post says.. “forged by fire”. So……What are we learning?

The Jackets on a regular bases do not come out ready to go full throttle in the first period. And this is not a new problem. How to fix this, I have no idea, but playing from behind is not a formula for success.

The vaunted Blue Jackets  “D” depth is not as much quality as we thought. Jack Johnson has played like crap this year. If his enforced vacation doesn’t cure him, he needs to be gone. Love his talk, but the walk is not there this year. [yet] Dalton Prout has not regained his form of 2 years ago. Way too many penalties many from being out of position. He has to think and keep his feet moving , play from ahead, not from behind. Color him gone in the future. So rebuilding the “D” pipeline needs to be a priority for future drafts/trades.

The NHL as a league seems to be speeding up, going faster. The pick up of Skillie and Gibons were good moves. But they seem to be support players, albeit dangerous ones, but support players with a lot of speed. Think of them on a line with Mark Letestu, speed, Speed, SPEED.

J Boll still is just present, and contributes little. True he is detracting less this year, but ………..

The Wiz is back and we see the difference. Already he is getting assists from his hard shot rebounds and he opens up the other side as the defense shifts to block his potential shot.

Having Jenner back is also noticeable. Hard nosed and tough in traffic and the boards. Last year was not a fluke.

Joey has a new set of skills to learn. Now being recognized as a threat, he is double/triple teamed and sees top defensive men on him. Blue Jackets need another offensive distraction to thin out the attention he is getting.

Foleigno and Hartnell are pros. The fight for every inch they can. Love em..

And finally we come to the goaltender. Er back up goaltender. McElhinney has shown he cannot control his rebounds… ergo second and third shots and even more ergo, goals. True the decimated and sometime inapt team in front of him is not helping, but rebound control, or lack of it is a sure formula for giving up goals.  Color him gone for next year.

So if the Blue Jackets can take this wretched experience and build/learn from it, all is not lost. maybe the forged by fire thought has much merit.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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