Da Plane, Da Plane she is flying

by professor ggrib

It’s now 2 games into the real season. After a preseason in which the Blue Jackets saw smoke coming from the plane’s engines, first wisps and then billows as more and more top line players went down to injuries, the plane still flies.

Gliding thought an improbable pre-season record of 7 and 1, the Jackets entered the season with the fresh news that a face of the franchise, Brandon Dubinski would be out for about 6 weeks. Granted another face of the Jackets center Ryan Johansen had just returned to the fold, but still, the Blue Jackets were truly decimated by injuries.

Now, 2 games into the season, with both in the win column, it would seem that the season precursor of a fast start is a possibility. I mean you can’t get any better then winning the first 2. But to paraphrase the old Chinese proverb,” the journey of 82 games begins with 2 steps”…… IE, its a long season.

John Davidson, who evidently wrote the phrase, “if you build it, they will come” is still writing the scripts. After all, considering last years playoff hype, where the Columbus fans got on the CBJ bandwagon, how can you script a home opener any better. Against the Rangers and a win… oh so sweet and to a SRO crowd of engaged fans who are now, not only fans, but “the fifth line”. The Jackets are doing their share of enticing and entertaining the fans and the fans are responding with enthusiasm.

With the All Star game coming to town, and 4 lines of players playing like All Stars, what’s not to like?

It’s a long season, plenty of time for a lot of players to step up and shoulder the load, but it is still a long season.


We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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