The “New ERA” in Blue Jacket Hockey

by professor ggrib

A few years ago, shortly after Urban Myer arrived at Ohio State,  there were a lot of “T” shirts sold with the thyme “New Era” in OSU football. New coach, new system, new era….

Fast forward to the Blue Jackets training camp and the pre-season games. True, we have several new players, and true we have a number of nubies trying to make the team. Todd Richards is trying to tweek the Blue Jackets system to improve their success rate.  BUT!!!

Last night we may have had a bell ringer to usher in the new CBJ. —Jared Boll scored his 2nd goal of the pre-season. To further point out the possible dawn, Jarad had more goals than hits, [even playing on the 4th line] and more goals than fights.

In the past, I have been very critical of Mr Boll likening him to an anchor trying to play hockey.. [But to be fair, I have also pointed out that he was a scorer when he played Jr Hockey and have always felt he had more to give than being a fighter.]

But if they have changed Jarad’s roll and have an expectation of him to actually contribute to playing hockey, then a new era has certainly come to the Blue Jackets. To me this will make the 4th line an asset similar to last year when Jarad was out of the line up most of the year. The announcers are saying he looks faster and I have the new expectation of him playing winning hockey. That’s a big change but would be the hallmark of a NEW ERA.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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