It’s Raining on our Parade, but The Party is still on

by professor ggrib

The phrase, “raining on my parade” seems to have originated in the music written for Barbara Streisand  in “Funny Girl”. The phrase, simply refers to spoiling someone’s good time.

Boy, has it rained on us Blue Jacket fans this week. After starting the week by the Travers City Prospect’s win and the euphoria from that, the rain clouds moved in…..and moved in big.

The first shower, and it was a duck drowner was the Ryan Johansen fiasco.  Here we have a 22 year old player with 1 very good year trying to make the same money as proven NHL veterans. Failing to obtain this amount, he is sitting out training camp and appears ready to sit out the season. And if he does, he probably damages his marketability and possibly his performance forever. Thus both sides lose big time. So lets cut the crap and settle before the crapper swallows both sides.

The second shower was learning that Nathan Horton has back issues and his availability is unknown.

The 3rd shower comes in the afternoon of the first day of on ice training. Ryan Murray is not on the ice. Seems he is still recovering from his knee injury. To quote ” it’s not serious, just being careful”. Dah dude, he’s not practicing…..

So, how are the fans responding? The still believe, they are jamming the practice sessions. The party is still alive.

Hopefully the Blue Jackets come out of the gate well and do not crush the rather fragile shell of the new baby fans.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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