Our Critical Juncture

by professor ggrib

Critical juncture as defined in the dictionary [remember that big old book] means-  a point of time; especially :  one made critical by a concurrence of circumstances. The 2014-2015  season I think is boiling down to that. As mentioned in the last post, there is no” hugh and cry” this summer. No ranting fans demanding the management/ownership of the Blue Jackets do something. And as stated, it’s because the fans believe in the Blue Jackets course of actions.

But as evidenced by the experience of every sports team at some point of time, it only takes a small fracture to destroy that warm fuzzy feeling. A failure to progress toward the goal [goal being winning and ultimately win the Stanley Cup]  and the eggs Mr Davidson is walking on will begin to crack

Not dwelling in the past, but the Blue Jackets, and their die hard fans went to the bottom as the last place team in the NHL. But then the worm began to turn and the team picked up “fans” as it did. Then last year, the fans became the City, as Columbus rallied behind their fledgling first play off game winners and gave the soon to be hated Pittsburgh Penguins all they could handle in their playoff series. New names became etched in the minds of the Columbus general populace. Dubinski and “Bob” joined the local folklore. Ryan Johansen was described as a  “beast”, and who can forget the cry “Boooooone”.

This year is a new season. The new team cannot afford to disappoint. And a New team it will be. On paper, two of the best Jacket players were not on the CBJ playoff scene. [Horton and Hartnell] Now, a ex Pen, and would be Jacket killer is now wearing the Blue in Brian Gibbons. Gone is D MacKinsey, Mr  hustle/reliable and RJ Umburger, “Mr Blue Collar”. The door is wide open for prospects to stick on the squad. Yes, it is a new team.

Adding to the season is the “All Star Game” which is in Columbus. When Columbus was announced as the site of the All Star Game which never happened due to the strike. There was immense concern that The All Star Game would be in Columbus, but no Blue Jacket would be on the squad as nobody was good enough. How times have changed…… Now I can think of 7 players who, depending on the season they are having could be legitimate All Stars. They are: Ryan Johansen, Nathon Horton, Scott Hartnell, Brandon Dubinski, Jack Johnson, Jame Wisniewski,  and of course, Sergo Bobrovski, Gollie Bob. [ Even if another player is having a great year, I can’t believe they would make the team] BUT___ Think about that!!! What a change.

But the Blue Jackets must not stumble this season. They must contend. Columbus has been fooled before and would not take a poor performance lightly. —- The Jackets credibility in one 5 word phrase—-“Put up or shut up”


Go Jackets

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup




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