Jared Bednar- Forgotten Man

by Professor ggrib

Almost everyone looking at the name above is going to have nothing but question marks in their eyes. Who in heck is Jared Bednar. Well, he just became one of the most impotent people in the Blue Jackets organization. Again, “Who is he?”

To me, one of the most impotent people in the Blue Jackets organization has been Brad Larson, the Head coach of the Springfield Falcons. Now, Brad is in Columbus as an assistant coach. His replacement in Springfield is Jared Bednar. Jacket fans have pretty well gotten used to calling up a Springfield player and he steps on to the ice and fits right in. That’s been Brad Larson’s responsibility working with Todd Richards and his staff to make a seamless transition from AHL to NHL play.

Now that responsibility falls to Jared Bednar– and this is who he is. He has been Brad Larson’s assistant for 2 years. That’s the whole time Brad has been head coach of the Falcons. He is a journeyman minor league player, not a NHLer. He served as a head coach for the Caroling Stingrays an an assistant coach Abbotsford Heat and then head coach of the Perora Rivermen.Moving up to the AHL,  he joined Springfield.

To me, this is great. Undrafted, he made a career in professional hockey. You do that by determination, not getting a first class ticket. Playing in the minor leagues, he had lots of exposure to young players. He just has to know and understand a whole lot about them.Coaching experience both as a head coach and assistant.  And 2 years in the organization— priceless. A fit!..

Of course it remains to be seen how well he will do, but he is a fit, he obviously is well thought of by Larson and CBJ management. And he is now a very important cog in the wheels of Blue Jacket success.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup



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