The Stanley Cup Chase– Powered by the CBJ

by professor ggrib

From coast to coast, ex Blue Jackets are making their presence felt in the race to the Stanley Cup. In the East, it’s the New York Rangers, recipients of 2 huge trades who look like they are ready to hoist the Cup. In the West, it’s the LA Kings, recipients of 2 yes TWO superstar dumps who look like they have their foot in the door for the Cup final round.

Having said all that, am I sitting here thinking that wooda-shooda- and the CBJ would be playing for the Cup? Not in the least!!!

Ecclesiastes 3

New International Version (NIV)

A Time for Everything

 There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under the heavens

Every Player in professional sports has ups and downs in his performance. Every team has ups and downs in its accomplishments. Every sports fan knows that. We rejoice in the synergy of accomplishment. We anguish in the dismal failures of performance.

We could call it the NY 5, the ex Jackets who are powering their team toward the playoffs. Would they succeed if in Columbus? In this case, hindsight is not perfect. John Moore, maybe, he was very young, but was sitting the bench. D Brassard, after Scott Arneil’s benching him, he played well after Arneil left, but he may have had a chip on his shoulder. Dorsett is rumored to be a room poisoner, that is not condusive to team synergy.  And Mr Nash, a good player no doubt. But he is just not equipped mentally to carry a team as the single go to guy. We saw that year after year. Not a building block guy.  Square peg-round hole.

On the other coast, we have the LA Kings, recipients of 2 bonified superstars. Jeff Carter never  bought in to Columbus, We got J MF Johnson for him. [more on that later] and M Gaborik who was paid about $1M/goal by the CBJ. We gave him up, perhaps too quickly, but it was a salary dump for present and future, getting basically  nothing in return. Both superstars have worked out well for the Kings.

Brick - by - Brick

Brick – by – Brick

Now, as to Jack MF Johnson, he fits the Ecclesiastes 3 verse above but from the Blue Jackets standpoint. He just might be the original brick. He came, he said the right things in the right way and he had the background to stand up against whatever was going on in the room. Although he was soon joined by some others with great attitudes, [and lets not forget Vinny Prospal] Jack might be considered the start of John Davidson’s Brick wall.

So as I watch the Cup chase, I do not look back, I look forward and think “this will be our future”, “it’s our goal”. And it’s comming down the line.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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