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by professor ggrib

One of the advantages of “The Jacketspeanutgallery is that it free form. I’m going to take advantage of that a bit today and jump around to touch on some thoughts.

Trades– Rangers vs Jackets. The past trades were all done while the CBJ was in the West and the Rangers were in the East. Now, we are in the same division. For my money, we have gotten 2 core players in Branden Dubinski and Arty Anisimov. The Rangers have gotten 2 excellent everyday players in Brassard and John More. They have a “star” in Rick Nash who shows up part of the time and D Dorset, who is a functional grinder. The winner is….. obviously Rangers, MAYBE. If we ask the question, who would you rather not play against, the answer is not quite so clear. Dubi and Arty are every game go to guys, not so much with the aforementioned Rangers. Hummm, who really won the trade?

If we apply the same question [who would you not want to play against]  to the UFA free agents the Jackets may/may not resign, there is one name that comes back very loud… D Mackinzie. He may be 4th line, but he is high energy and his work on the PK has been good. This year it’s actually been great. When teamed with Letestu or Dubinski they become a shorty threat.

Now, about the potential Umburger trade. With a salary of $4.6M for the next 3 years, his departure is unlikely unless the Jackets sweeten the deal some how. At his salary and a 3-4 line spot, even with his work ethic, not much interest with other teams unless someone needs a solid “room” voice. In the past he benefited from R Nash’s presence to obtain more open ice. It’s not happening now. Would I not like playing against him? Yes, but only because of his past service. It would be a good salary dump, but I can’t see getting much in any trade. I’m thinking he doesn’t like being a smaller fish in a larger pond.


We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup




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