Who Ya For?

by professor ggrib

A few years ago I moved into the State of Alabama. The standard question to new is “Who ya for? ” Since I’m guessing most readers have not lived in Alabama, let me explain. Alabama has 2 sports teams. They are Alabama and Auburn football teams. Tere is no love EVER lost between the two teams or it’s fans. The annual grudge match football game called the “Iron Bowl” is every bit a rivalry as OSU/Michigan. Everyone in the state is either for Auburn or Alabama.

I am sitting in front of the TV watching the Rangers Penguins game. The Pens lead the series 3-1 but the Rangers are giving them all they can handle. So the question that comes to mind is ….”who ya for?”.

The Penguins beat the Blue Jackets in 6 hard fought games. But I can bare no malice toward them. Sure their fans are rabid and expansive. but none of them pulled the as_hole trick of throwing an octopus on the ice. It’s probably the Woody Hayes memory in me but I “hate” detroit. I don’t hate Pittsburgh, I respect them.

The Rangers offer another case. their lineup is full of ex Blue Jackets. Shouldn’t I have some feeling for them? I do, but I see good old Rick Nash skating all over the ice, scorning little and turning over a lot. Humm been there done that.  Other than Brassard, the other ex Jackets do not impress. So I am not enthralled with the Rangers for old times sake.  Let it go!

Thus I’m for the Penguins and hope they go all the way. Then we can say we gave them one hell of a fight. And next year we have our new and greatest big boy rivalry established and going forward we can feel vindicated and proud when we say we beat the flightless birds- again!!

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup



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