“The Puck is IN-The Jackets WIN- at the Good Ol Hockey Game”

Now the final flick,
of a hockey stick,
and a one gigantic scream:
At the good ol hockey game

by professor ggrib

If you’ve never been to Nationwide and sang the song [it’s part of the family fun usually between the 2nd and 3rd period], you may be a little lost, but the song is called “It’s a good Ol hockey game” click the link and enjoy.

Just to finish our musical references [see my last post re “High Hopes] I guess you could say something like, Whoops there goes another rubber tree plant.

In the euphoria following the biggest game in Blue Jacket history it’s not necessary to list a lot of things that the whole town is talking about. Living in Ft Myers, FL you miss some things, but a few observations:

The NBC announcers called a pretty good game. They called the tide turning, they called the energy level of the Jackets and I think they actually were hoping the Jackets could win as they were out playing the Penguins for most of the game.

The CBJ chant is now firmly rooted in the fan repertoire. It could be heard a lot even to the point the announcers pointed it out. [while pointing out the noise level and the crowd participation.]

The rivalry at the play level is established. But with the presence of coaching friendships, player friendships and Olympic team mates, it’s respectful but strong. [I have heard there were some fan altercations, which is too bad. Be a fan, but have respect for other fans]

The city of Columbus has a chance to show it’s support of the Blue Jackets for real. Columbus is getting national POSITIVE exposure thanks to a gritty team playing over the expectations of outsiders.

Had to laugh, the NBC announcers were saying that the Blue Jackets were a big team that hits hard. Really….Atkinson is 5’8″ and Calvert is 5’10”.

Boone Jenner just continues to impress! He’s had a fantastic year of learning and improving plus contributing all year long.

After the season, there will be questions of whether to rehire Todd Richards. Seems like he’s been a great combination of hard ass, and nurse maid.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup



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