4 – 3 Maybe that’s not just the score

by professor ggrib

This is it, playoff hockey. It’s intensity it’s effort, it’s skill, it’s luck and it’s add infinum. Yes, it was the #1 ranked team against the #4 ranked team. The Blue Jackets started excellent and finished OK. In between was their Achilles heel, the 2nd period and hidden beneath the 2nd period  hoop-la the fact the Todd Richards can not roll 4 lines. He is rolling 3…..Well actually he rolls 3 plus Letestu.

The NBC announcers tried to legitimize J Boll’s presence as a deterrent to being manhandled, or per them “an anti missile, missile” but the fact is he is too slow and has not shown enough skill to warrant being on the ice. An example was a time he was on the ice behind the Pen’s goal and actually jumped into the air to try to hit two Penguins. He missed  and simple hit the wall, accomplishing nothing.

Was the fact we played 3 lines to their 4 the reason for the 2nd period woes? Not completely, but the luxury of rolling out the 4th “energy” line to change the tempo of the game is gone. The Jackets of late have had too many letdown in the 2nd period. They have allowed too many goals right after scoring a goal.

Faded a bit during the game…….Rolled 3 lines to their 4…….. Scored 3 goals to their 4……. Just by chance????

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup

Hopefully we will have the manpower to change the lines for the next game.





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