Game #82

By professor ggrib

Attending a hockey game in Sunrise FL on April 12th is a lot like attending Cannonfets in August. It’s hot, but it will be cool inside. The correct apparel  is Jackets garb, [which is designed for WINTER, not 88 degrees.] I hope most of you have experienced that fan extravaganza called “Cannonfest”. The first year I attended, Cannonfest, #1, I had no idea what to wear. I ended up with shorts and a RJ Umburger jersey and it was perfect. So that was the uniform of the day in Sunrise.

Still it’s game #82 of a season where the Blue Jackets are going to the playoffs…. Having moved to Florida, it’s a chance to see the CBJ in person. And we were not alone, dozens of CBJ fans were there, not only the Jacket Backers group, but many others.

Fans @ Panthers SDC15160

The BB&T Center is a beautiful stand alone complex with lots of $20/car parking. There is  a mall across the road with a number of restaurants .  Alas, no R-Bar, 3 legged mare or any of the other neat Arena District charm. The Panther fans were cordial and reminded me of Blue Jackets fans watching the 30th place team, cheering when possible and resignedly “waiting for next year” .

As for the Game, we won. BUT showed a complete non appearance in the 2nd period…AGAIN. This is something we started out the year with and it is now back, as evidenced by recent games. This has to be fixed!!! I think the “D” missed Ryan Murray and we need Foleigno back and Mr Boll out. Letestu is just wasted while on the 4th  [no energy line] with Boll and Troope. Of course Mark gets played in all the other situations, but when MacKinzie is paired with him, things happen with the “energy” line.

One of the more interesting bits of action was when a Panther player was tangled up with Bob and made little attempt to get up. The referee stood right there watching. As he finally did get up, his skate became tangled in Bob’s jersey. As he tried to pull free, he was pulling Bob’s jersey and Bob. Bob swung at his attacker and the player responded in kind. The referee, knowing what was going on, settled it down and did a correct no call for the situation. But that also is a near serious situation, with a sharp skate blade inches from a players juggler vein.

On to Pittsburgh

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup



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