The View from 33971 post Detroit

by professor ggrib1

Following the octopus throwers [what, no squids this year???] game I wanted to share a few thoughts.

First, going to the predicted report, my stats prediction is for 93 points. [The first time we hit a predicted 93 was on game 50] That’s 13 points in the remaining 10 games. Not impossible, if that comes about, I’d think we should be in. Question is, in as what??? 8th?, 7th? ……. In this crazy East, it’s hard to say.

Watching the games in “NHL Central Ice” gives you some viewpoints from “outsiders” perspectives. An example in the New Jersey game. The NJ announcers said the whole game that the Blue Jackets were just a step slow and a touch out of sync. This was while the game was 0-0 and continued to the end. Good and fair comments. But they also had a lot of great comments about Bob and Johan and the loss of Ryan Murray.  Another comment was the same as Jackets fans re Nathan Horton.

Horton has not played badly, and I think most Jacketeers would accept his play…….for a grinder. The problem is, he is not supposed to be a grinder, but a point’s leader. I understand the Blue Jackets started winning more after he entered the line up, [but Bob also returned at that time] On his normal line of Jenner, Johansen and Horton, It seems like he is a threat, but Jenner is more aggressive and Johansen is more potently dangerous. It looks like he is not going to “find his game” this year, so we’ll have to see next year.

The reports I hear from Columbus, is that the city does not really believe this year, and there is not an increasing level of excitement yet. I certainly hope the Jackets enter the playoffs and the excitement level goes through the roof.

We want the cup

We want the cup






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