Predicted Finish

by professor ggrib

As those of you who follow this blog remember, I track the Blue Jackets using a statistical technique that produces a predicted result for the year. I gotta admit, this point watching thing this time of the year feels new to me, but as you recall we were doing it last year.  Of course this year there are a lot of differences. The biggest is the new league alignment which puts the Jackets in the Eastern Conference and into this thing called “Metro” Division.

Without more crap, the predicted points result for the Blue Jackets this year is……. 94.8. The question this year is will that be enough to get into the playoffs? As of this morning, the Jackets are 2 points behind being in sole possession of 2nd place in the Metro. That’s rarefied air for this blue Jacket fan. But at the same time, 94.8 points usually gets you into the playoffs.

Sorry….. I gotta stop thinking “gets you into the playoffs” We need to think more like what position will we be in when we are in the playoffs.  The Pittsburgh Birds are in a stratosphere by themselves, so that leaves us thinking 2-3 place. Again since we are not used to thinking of such lofty things, we get thoughts like.. “the race is very tight” and you would be right to think so. But this is the case many time, we just couldn’t see it from the position of 8th  place.

Last night I saw a very lucky team. Playing the first 18 minutes of the 2nd period without a SOG???? Playing 5 1/2 defenseman???[ Cody Goloubef had 8:35 minutes of ice time.]  If Murray is not back soon and Tuytin is not far behind, we have a problem.

94.8 Points should be enough, but without a push [this keeps other teams from points] it could still leave us out in the cold. We are scoring at a rate of 2.97 goals per game. The scoring is there. The goaltending is there, the defense is questionable without Murray and Tuytin. There is not many “head to head” games left with the teams above us [Rangers -1; Flyers-1]. Total points will be critical. I do not believe 94.8 will be enough. We must have more.

We want the cup

We want the cup


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