Russian Beast Sighted AGAIN

by professor ggrib

There is a rampaging Russian beast on the loose in Columbus, and the Zoo had best keep it’s hands off. This beast can be seen on ice at Nationwide arena and is being enjoyed by thousands. Of course, I am talking about Artem Anisimov. Our TV commentator Jeff Rimmer is fond of stating that the selection of Artem to the Russian Olympic team triggered a jump in this step. And the evidence is pointing that this is at least partially true.

However, last night Artie scored his 16th goal. This number far exceeds his selection by the Russian Olympic team. The fact is, that AA has been up and down the Blue Jacket lines and has quietly scored [any many were critical goals] all season long. True the last 2 have been GWG, thus generating press. And also true the goal in New Jersey was about all the press had to note that was positive for the Jackets.

The post Olympic games have pretty much seen him paired with Marion Gaborik, a super star that generates a lot of attention, thus generating open ice for his team mates. And yes I know Gaborik was not on the ice for the shortie, and yes I know that Artem picked his butt up off the ice and got into position last night just like the booksays, But I’m just saying……

The euphoria of life affects all aspects of a person and the feeling ” I’m on the top of the world” [See Carpenters hits] will fade, but enjoy it while you can and if/when it fades, just cheer for the next log that catches fire.

We want the cup

We want the cup



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