Enter the Rose Colored Glasses

by professor ggrib

Watching the post game show on TV, I thought that something must have been wrong with my TV reception most of the night. Players/analysts/reporters all were saying what a tough loss as the Blue Jackets had out played the Hurricanes for most of the game except for the 3 minutes where they scored 3 goals.

Fortunately, fellow bloggers at The Dark Blue Jacket and Union Blue confirmed my observations. The Blue Jackets won the first 10 minutes and lost the remaining game. The “key” [as reported by TV] stats of shots, hits and faceoffs were all lost by the Jackets. So why the perception of the Jackets winning most of the game?

If the NHL had a stat like the NFL of time of possession, the Blue Jackets would have won that stat, as they spent a lot of time on the Carolina side of the ice. But possession is not scoring and thus after giving the impression of controlling the game, we lost.

Example: In one less than 1 minute point of the third period, both Ryan Johansen and Branden Dubinski left drop passes in the top of the Carolina zone which were picked up by the Hurricanes as they almost broke away onto the CBJ goal. Not a back breaker, but an indicator.

It was about 6 minutes into the first period before the Hurricanes got a SOG. But from then on…… BANG, Bang, Bang. It was just a matter of time before the wall was breached.

OK, media, 8 games does not make a team walk on water, so call em like it is. Saying it ain’t so, does not make it not so. Take off the rose colored glasses and let’s go back to work.

We want the cup

We want the cup


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