Expecting the Improbable——AKA the PK

By professor ggrib

I’m noticing a subtle shift the Blue Jackets fans now while on the PK. It was very evident last nite in Nationwide. Fans are actually expecting a short handed goal. With 5 shorties under their belt in 46 games, it would seem that these expectations are not exactly called for. But if we look a bit deeper we can start to see why.

Again the TB game is a great example. We now have several lines of penalty killers that seem to be able to create scoring chances. It is a combination of speed and active sticks and perhaps some hockey insight that are opening the way for scoring chances.

I personally have always loved MacKenzie on the PK and have always wished he had a bit more scoring in his stick. But teamed with Letestu, the pair swarm and Mark has shown he can score. Then the duo of Dubinsky and Anisimov both seem to be very possible on getting another shorty. Then of course you can roll out Mattie Calvert wind him up and watch him go.

I like most fans are getting a bit tired of so many Blue Jacket penalties. It is one thing to be aggressive it is another to be stupid and open your self up of a problem. Dubinsky in particular is beginning to irritate in the penalties he is taking. And certainly way too many times the penalties taken seem to follow a Jacket goal….What’s that all about?

But keeping in mind that professional hockey is here for entertainment, it’s actually fun to watch and listen to the fans as the Jackets go on the PK. There is a swell of anticipation that is a bit strange for a team going into a defensive posture. And true, not all chances are scores, but the fact that on penalty kills, the Jackets have several scoring chances and break a ways are not uncommon, it does make for exciting hockey.

We want the cup

We want the cup


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