Rollin..Rollin..Rollin…Keep those Lines a Rollin

By professor ggrib

Last nite [@ Winnipeg] we were plying in Matt Calvert/Ryan Murray country…sorta. Anyway close enough for friends and family to get there. So Jeff Rimmer made the comment that coach Todd Richards showed class by having both Matt and Ryan in the starting line up. I said at the time, “ya know, it almost doesn’t matter what line starts and is on the ice”. Boy was I to be proved right.

[Incidentally kiddies, or those of you that are considerably younger then me which is most of you] The Rollin..Rollin by line is a parody of the theme song of an old time [Gunsmoke, Bonanza era] western called “Rawhide”

To the shock of all who watched the first period, the Blue Jackets scored 6 total goals and won the game. BUT the great thing is that the scoring and quality scoring chances are spread up and down the lines. All 4 lines are dangerous. Mark Letestu is making Derek MacKinzie a better scoring possibility and those 2 paired with their speed has added a scoring facet to the 4th line. The other 3 lines all have scoring possibilities. With Boone Jenner on a dangerous line, we’ve seen his scoring escalate. The Johansen line [Foleigno] scored again and of courses Atkinson scored in his 3rd straight game.

On a given night, depending on defensive matchups and how the guys feel, any line can score and hurt you bad. Soooooo, keep those lines a rollin and be glad G Boll is not around to slow down the 4 th line offense.

We want the cup

We want the cup


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